Quality and versatility make a lasting impression on customers

Packline Materials Handling is located in Poole, Dorset. The area has been inhabited since Iron Age. Iron is still very much a relevant topic, since Ferroplan and Packline have cooperated for almost 8 years now. Ferroplan’s Pallet Master product line offers a wide range of pallet dispensers for various needs.

Packline Materials Handling has been designing and manufacturing lifting and handling equipment since 1993. The company has established itself as the leading supplier of quality materials handling equipment for the food, drinks, dairy, pharmaceutical and medical processing industries worldwide.

The partnership with Ferroplan started when Packline was looking to expand and compliment their product range of lifting and handling equipment. Ferroplan’s Pallet Master products were a natural progression – and ideal for Packline to broaden their existing product range.

Future looks bright

“The collaboration with Ferroplan has gone from strength to strength with interest in the Pallet Master product increasing especially over the last few years”, explains Paul Winter, Managing Director of Packline Materials Handling.

A number Packline’s existing customers have expressed interest in the Pallet Master products benefitting both the customer and opening new industries to the products from the food, pharmaceutical and packaging sectors.

“We are not afraid of finding new industries and solving their logistical challenges. Ferroplan can fulfil even the most complicated requests for customized pallet dispensers. Packline offers us a channel that helps us to find new customers and even industries”, says Product Manager Janne Kenttämaa.

Making a difference

Packline’s customers are impressed with the quality and versatility of the Pallet Master range of products. This benefits Packline: it is an opportunity to expand the product range. Cooperation enables Packline to offer additional products to complement the existing materials handling equipment.

The Pallet Masters are particularly popular within the packaging industry with numerous satisfied customers already making use of the advantages of the pallet dispensing and storage systems.

“Customer feedback praises improved health and safety conditions in the warehouse, a tidier storage area and an increase in productivity”, Winter summarises.

Packline homepage: https://www.packline.co.uk/

Pallet Master homepage: https://www.palletmaster.fi/pm/en/main/

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