We strive to be the best solution

Once upon a time, there was a visionary conveyor-solution provider called Pentti Patosalmi, who was engaged in contract negotiations. One day he received a phone call from the potential client: His company, Ferroplan, had won the contract. The client explained that, even though the price quoted by Ferroplan wasn’t lower than that of its competitor, Ferroplan’s solution was better.

This tale of how Ferroplan’s founder clinched the deal is a true story. It inspired us to set a goal for our company – a goal that we strive to reach every day and one that guides all our actions: We want to offer our clients the best possible solution. In all its simplicity, our vision is to be THE BEST SOLUTION.

Ferroplan wants to stand out

A second-generation family business, Ferroplan Oy is the leading Finnish manufacturer of conveyor solutions designed for handling piece items and bulk cargo. Ferroplan also supplies systems for handling solid waste, all of which come complete with top-notch Ferro Care maintenance services.

'For us, doing things differently is doing them better,' says Minna Patosalmi, the managing director of Ferroplan. Over the years, the company, which her father established in 1983, has grown into Finland’s market leader in its field, a forward-looking company that produces innovative conveyor solutions. In addition to its headquarters, in Orimattila, the company has a component manufacturing unit in Jelgava, Latvia.

Ferroplan's whistleblowing reporting channel enables Ferroplan's personnel and stakeholders to ask questions and highlight operational issues. We want to encourage the use of the reporting channel in all cases of suspected abuse.

The whistleblowing notification channel service is provided by an external partner, Keskuskauppakamari.


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