Ferroplan Oy strengthens collaboration with Metsä Group

Two significant deliveries to Äänekoski mill project

Ferroplan Oy has announced two significant deliveries to Metsä Group’s new Kerto LVL mill in Äänekoski, reflecting the strong collaboration between these two leading players in their respective industries.

Ferroplan Oy has been selected to deliver a debarking and cutting line designed to handle sorted logs. Before debarking, the logs undergo thorough inspection to ensure high-quality raw material at the beginning of the process. After debarking, the logs are cut to specified lengths, and the resulting timber is transferred to the hatchery area.

In addition, Ferroplan Oy has signed an agreement to deliver a side product handling line. The line is designed to process various materials, including waste veneer, veneer core, and wood waste generated in production. Wood waste is processed on two lines, and after screening, the fractions are distributed to separate silos for future use.

“When we learned about Metsä Group’s new Äänekoski project, we realized that we have the best solution for these lines. During the bidding phase, a considerable time has been devoted to the factory’s planning, and the constructive spirit of the negotiations will undoubtedly be reflected in the outcome,” emphasizes Jyrki Rusinen, Sales Manager of Ferroplan’s sawmill and forest industry.

Valued at approximately 8 million euros, this delivery is the largest in Ferroplan’s history. Deliveries of the debarking and cutting line, and the side product handling line are scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2025. The commissioning of the lines are planned for the end of the same year. This delivery strengthens Ferroplan’s position as a reliable partner for players in the forest industry and supports Metsä Group’s production in efficient material handling.

“We are proud to be selected for one of Metsä Group’s most significant current investment project. Ferroplan’s products and solutions are well-suited for the project, bringing efficiency and reliability to material handling. This order, the largest in our 40-year history, is a statement to Ferroplan’s ability to deliver large-scale solutions. Not flimsy,” says Antti Rousku, CEO of Ferroplan.

For more information:
Antti Rousku, CEO, Ferroplan Oy, +358 40 683 1360, antti.rousku@ferroplan.fi
Jeroen Hinnen, Commercial Director, Ferroplan Oy, +358 50 312 2779, jeroen.hinnen@ferroplan.fi

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