Innovative Scissor Lifts for Industrial Applications

Scissor Lifts

Ferroplan’s scissor lifts are efficient and high-quality lifting devices specifically designed for industrial use.

Our modern manufacturing techniques ensure performance in all conditions. Ferroplan’s scissor lifts offer versatile functions and can seamlessly integrate into conveyor systems.

Ferroplan’s scissor lifts are entirely domestically produced and designed specifically for industrial use.

We offer a wide range of scissor lift models tailored to meet the needs of various industries. You can choose from both tube-based (SLP) and plate-based models (SLL), featuring top-notch lifting speed and precision, customizable according to the transported product.

Our scissor lifts meet the stringent requirements of EN 1570 standards, ensuring they are designed and manufactured according to the highest safety and quality standards.

All our scissor lifts are epoxy-coated with 120/2, guaranteeing durability against heavy usage and environmental challenges, maintaining a corrosion-free surface for extended periods.

Equipped with IP 54 protection rating, our scissor lifts are shielded against dust and splashing water, ensuring functionality and reliability in various industrial environments.

Ferroplan’s scissor lifts are designed to adapt to a variety of industrial environments, suitable for use in warehouses, factories, logistics centers, and other production facilities, providing reliable lifting and transport functions for various products and materials.

Customer Benefits

Turnkey Solution

We provide comprehensive services, including scissor lift design, possible conveyor integration, and maintenance.

Easy Maintenance

Device-specific spare parts readily available and comprehensive maintenance services throughout the device’s lifecycle.

Versatile Transport Options

Suitable for every industry, tailored to specific needs.

Increased Production Capacity

Swift lifting enables more efficient production.

Looking for a reliable scissor lift for industrial use? Feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales team and let us help you find the solutions that best suit your company’s needs.