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Roller Conveyor

Versatile and automated are just a few key words that can be used to describe Ferroplan’s roller conveyors.

Ferroplan’s efficient and versatile roller conveyors optimize
logistics processes and respond to the problems of material transfers. Our roller conveyors offer a reliable and effortless way to move various materials in industry. They are ideally suited to the needs of, for example, warehouses, production facilities and distribution centres.

Ferroplan Roller Conveyors
withstand wear & tear even in
demanding industrial environments.

Roller conveyors enable smooth and continuous transfer of materials, which greatly improves productivity and reduces processing times.

The flexible and modular structure enables the conveyors to be easily adapted to different spaces and customer needs. Our roller conveyors can be customized to meet the customer’s needs and business requirements. Curved roller conveyors are also part of our selection.

The structure of the roller conveyors consists of a steel body frame and a steel roller. The simple structure and ease of use also guarantee effortless maintenance. This also ensures that the operation is continuous without unnecessary downtime.

By choosing the Ferroplan roller conveyors, you invest in efficiency, reliability and sustainable material transfer. Get to know our selection, and take the first step towards smoother and more efficient logistics.

Main application areas

Ferroplan roller conveyors have been sold to many different industries and for different needs.

The multipurpose conveyor is
suitable for various purposes

With roller conveyors, you can easily move plastic and cardboard boxes, pallets, and trays, as well as many other supplies, materials and components.

Examples of operational areas



Mail delivery services

Baggage handling

Manufacturing and design

Sawmills and various others