Precise and safe operation with Ferroplan traverses


Ferroplan traverses provide a precise solution for material handling, whether you’re conveying single items, pallets, or even heavy loads. Each traverse is custom-designed to meet the specific requirements and space constraints making them ideal for even the most complex and demanding settings.

Discover how Ferroplan traverses can enhance your operations by providing precise and reliable material handling solutions. Contact us today to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Traverse conveyors serve as the backbone of the production line, seamlessly conveying anything from pallets, bulk items and parts, to timber, lumber, and wood products with precision and reliability.

By minimizing manual handling, they not only enhance efficiency but also reduce the risk of injuries, fostering a safer work environment. Moreover, their ability to automate sorting processes significantly boosts productivity and throughput.

Jy-Kä: Power and Precision

The Jy-Kä traverses, named after its Finnish translation, “Sturdy Wagon,” are Ferroplan’s heavy-duty solutions tailored for high-capacity operations. Capable of effortlessly moving bundles of sawn timber weighing up to an impressive 40 tons, this marvel of engineering ensures seamless transfer to TC continuous kilns. Furthermore, its versatile design accommodates both automatic and manual modes, offering flexibility tailored to specific operational needs. Enhanced safety features, including overload limits, safety scanners, and an alarm system, underscore Ferroplan’s commitment to workplace safety. By incorporating customer feedback and industry insights, Jy-Kä traverses set the standard for reliability and performance in timber processing worldwide.


Designed to cater drying chambers, Teuvo traverses embody strength and adaptability. While similar in robustness to their Jy-Kä counterpart, Teuvo traverses specialize in lateral movement, facilitating the transportation of wagons or beams with unparalleled precision. Their versatility makes them indispensable assets in optimizing workflow and maximizing resource utilization.

Traverse solutions for industrial use

At Ferroplan, traverses are engineered also for far more than just the sawmill and forest industries. We also cater extensively to the demands of intralogistics and the OEM sector, designing traverses in various sizes to meet specific industry requirements. Each traverse system is custom-designed, taking into consideration the unique needs of our clients and the specific characteristics of the items to be conveyed. Whether your application involves light items or heavy loads, you can trust in Ferroplan to deliver a reliable, precisely engineered solution. Our traverse conveyors are built to operate smoothly on tracks, ensuring efficient movement of materials, regardless of their weight.

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Continuous Innovation for Peak Performance

At Ferroplan, the pursuit of excellence never ceases. Continuous research and development efforts ensure that traverses remain at the forefront of technological advancement. Innovative features such as length lasers, meticulously engineered to maintain traverse alignment, exemplify Ferroplan’s commitment to precision engineering. Additionally, the integration of scales provides customers with comprehensive data insights, empowering informed decision-making and optimizing load management strategies. By prioritizing customer-centric design and adaptability, Ferroplan ensures that traverses evolve in tandem with industry demands, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and reliability.