Ferroplan’s intralogistics solutions redefine efficiency and precision, seamlessly integrating into the core processes to enhance overall productivity.

Reduce costs, improve safety
and accuracy in material handling

Intralogistics pose unique challenges for companies, impacting the smoothness and profitability of business operations. Ferroplan’s intralogistics solutions effectively address these challenges, providing a robust framework for efficient management.

Elevate your intralogistics with Ferroplan’s conveyors — a testament to innovation, reliability, and operational excellence. Explore our range of conveyor solutions and transform the way you manage material handling processes.

Conveyor solutions for intralogistics

In intralogistics, the need for conveyors is essential. Conveyors are required in every stage of material handling, from receiving goods to transporting them within production facilities. Various intralogistics centers, ranging from warehousing to automotive manufacturing and from airport operations to postal and logistics facilities, require reliable and efficient conveyors to enable the flow of materials and goods.

Automatic conveyor systems play a crucial role in optimizing material flows in production plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Ferroplan conveyors can be customized to meet the conveyor needs of the customer, ranging from individual conveyors to comprehensive systems.

Ferroplan is an approved partner of Interroll

Interroll Group is world’s leading provider of dealing packaged goods and products, internal logistics and automation. As an approved partner of Interroll, through the Rolling On Interroll (ROI) network, Ferroplan is part of a network of over 100 ROI partners that add value to the material handling industry by utilizing Interroll’s and its partners’ advanced product technologies and expertise.

Interroll offers products and comprehensive solutions for various industries, including intralogistics, food processing, airport logistics, postal services, distribution centers, and other industrial sectors, enhancing companies’ material flows. Through us, it is possible to obtain both individual Interroll conveyors and tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer needs. Additionally, we have the ability to bring together the know-how of partners from the entire ROI network.

Benefits of Ferroplan
conveyor systems

Time and Cost Savings

Automated conveyor systems lead to significant time savings by accelerating the transportation of goods within the facility. With manual handling eliminated, there is no need for extra work steps.

Increased Performance

Conveyor systems enable a higher throughput of materials compared to manual methods. This means smooth, fast, and efficient material handling. A continuous material flow also ensures a steady and reliable production cycle.

Optimized Use of Space

Ferroplan conveyor systems are always designed according to the customer’s needs, utilizing available space optimally while maximizing capacity. During the design of a comprehensive solution, pre-planning is often utilized to ensure the final solution is optimal and meets the customer’s needs.

Precision and Accuracy

Innovations are commonplace, and conveyor systems can also incorporate technology that allows for precise tracking of materials for sorting or locating purposes. Minimizing errors and ensuring accuracy in deliveries are crucial aspects, especially in internal logistics.

Enhanced Product Safety

Ferroplan’s conveyor systems are designed with a strong focus on safety, providing significant improvements over existing conveyor lines. Our modern designs incorporate the latest safety features and standards, ensuring a safer working environment. During the implementation phase, we carefully assess existing conditions and potential hazards to ensure the new system not only meets but exceeds safety expectations. By replacing old conveyors with Ferroplan solutions, customers benefit from enhanced safety, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing overall operational security.

Our solutions for intralogistics

Optimizing intralogistics is a crucial part of a company’s efficiency. At Ferroplan, we understand this and aim to help elevate your productivity to new heights. We assist in finding conveyor solutions or storage systems that make your business even more profitable. Explore our various solutions below or contact our experts directly, and let’s find the best solution for you together. You can also access conveyor system maintenance services through Ferroplan’s FerroCare.

Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyors streamline intralogistics by facilitating the swift and reliable transport of goods such as cartons, boxes and pallets. We also supply curved roller conveyors.

Belt Conveyor

Ferroplan’s belt conveyors are suitable for a wide range of different applications. These conveyors can also be installed either separately or configured to form a conveyor system.

Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyors enhance intralogistics operations by efficiently moving unit loads, including heavy or irregular items, across warehouse and distribution center environments.

Conveyor integrated pallet stackers

An advanced pallet stacking and distribution unit which can be integrated into conveyor systems. This solution streamlines pallet management on production lines and in warehouses. The automated unit is ideal for both wooden and plastic pallets.