Ferroplan is a leading conveyor system designer and manufacturer in Finland, with over four decades of experience in meeting various industrial needs. We have solidified our position in the industry as experts, providing reliable solutions both directly to customers and to our OEM partners.


We understand that every customer and project is unique, which is why we strongly emphasize a personalized approach. We assist our customers in solving diverse conveyor challenges by offering customized solutions that meet their needs and expectations. Additionally, we work closely with our OEM customers to design and implement conveyor solutions that complement their systems. Ferroplan’s conveyor systems have played a pivotal role in the success of our OEM customers, and we are constantly striving to develop and optimize our solutions to meet industry requirements. Each conveyor is individually designed in collaboration with our OEM customers to ensure that it meets all needs and standards.

We take pride in our ability to provide our customers not only with high-quality conveyor solutions but also with extensive expertise and support throughout the project lifecycle. We aim to be a partner our customers can trust whenever they need an efficient and reliable conveyor system.

Why choose Ferroplan as your
conveyor system supplier?

Maximize your efficiency – Let Ferroplan handle your conveyor systems

Choosing Ferroplan means you can dedicate your energy to what you do best – your core business. Let us handle the complexities of designing and manufacturing conveyor systems, including advanced automation solutions. With our expertise, you’ll save valuable resources and can reinvest in your primary operations for maximum efficiency. Share your specific needs, or bring your solution proposals, and we’ll deliver them with precision.

Cut costs on design and manufacturing

With Ferroplan, you benefit from our design team, which excels in creating a wide range of conveyors, including those with complex functionalities. Leveraging 40 years of experience, we’ve developed countless solutions that enable us to efficiently design and manufacture even the most intricate conveyor systems. This translates into significant cost savings for our customers, allowing them to allocate more resources to their core business activities.

Efficient and cost-effective manufacturing

Conveyor manufacturing is our specialty. Our production processes are optimized for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring you get the best value. By partnering with us, you can avoid the expense of investing in your own production resources and instead rely on us. Additionally, we provide tailored conveyor electrification solutions to meet your specific needs, from minimal to extensive electrification.

Support in every stage

Navigating conveyor system pricing can be challenging, but Ferroplan is here to help. Our team provides comprehensive assistance during the quotation phase, ensuring you can offer competitive and accurate prices to your end customers. This support allows you to confidently present comprehensive solutions, knowing you have the best possible pricing strategy in place.

Commitment to innovation and sustainability

We are dedicated to continuous innovation and sustainability. We incorporate the latest technologies and environmentally friendly practices into our designs and manufacturing processes, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also future-proof and eco-friendly. Partner with us for high-quality, reliable and sustainable conveyor systems that drive your business forward.

Our solutions for OEM

Belt Conveyor

Ferroplan’s belt conveyors are suitable for a wide range of different applications. These conveyors can also be installed either separately or configured to form a conveyor system.

Chain Conveyor

High-quality solution for the transport of unit loads. Either use them separately or create a full conveyor system.

Through-Belt Conveyor

Trough-belt conveyors are designed to facilitate efficient material flow transfers.

Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyors play a pivotal role in different industries and environments. These conveyors can also be installed either separately or to be configured to form a conveyor system.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts prove their effectiveness in demanding environments. Ferroplan scissor lifts are designed for industrial use which can also be combined with a transfer function.

Special Conveyor

Standard conveyors are not always suitable for everywhere, and that’s why we also supply special conveyors that are designed to meet customer needs.