Preliminary Design
Services from Ferroplan

Ferroplan offers its clients preliminary design services, which often ensures 80% of the technical and economic benefits brought by conveyor systems.

Preliminary design validates the benefits brought by
the conveyor system, including:

  • Reduced personnel requirements
  • Accelerated throughput
  • Increased production volume
  • Decreased rejection rates
  • Lower maintenance costs

Additionally, it enhances workplace safety. Preliminary design is not binding, and its value is credited upon deal closure.

Ferroplan’s preliminary design comprises four phases:

Needs Assessment

Conceptual Design

Modeling and Investment Proposal

Implementation Planning

During the needs assessment, we determine implementation constraints, material flow requirements, and space limitations for the project. The goal is to consider all essential aspects before commencing design.

In the conceptual design phase, critical points of the system are identified, layouts are drafted, preliminary profitability calculations are made, risk analysis is conducted, and a risk management plan is devised. The aim is to create an efficient solution and plan, facilitating easy bid submissions. Risks are identified and minimized early on, benefiting both project execution and operational use.

Modeling and investment proposal involve 3D modeling, virtualization, and profitability assessments. This phase is crucial for the client to see a easily comprehensible and reliable plan, enabling straightforward physical and financial decision-making. At this stage, the environmental impact of implementation can also be calculated, which, together with the investment plan, can be presented to the client company’s owners and board.

Implementation planning entails mechanical, automation, and installation planning, safety system design, and scheduling. Based on this phase, reliable and cost-effective system implementation is possible. Implementation planning also addresses necessary quality certifications and CE marking.

Comprehensive preliminary design ensures project success,
resulting in an efficient and reliable conveyor system
that fully meets the client’s needs.