Erkon: Customization makes Pallet Master different

Erkon Tilhulpmiddelen is a company that is located in Leiderdorp. It specializes in ergonomical lifting solutions. The company is known for products that help people by making their work easier. Erkon strives to make workers happy. The company has served customers from food, pharma, wood, chemicals, metal, logistics, retail, automotive and healthcare industries since 1974. Currently, Ferroplan and Erkon are working together by offering the best pallet dispensing solutions for the customers in Netherlands and central Europe.

Excavations have shown that during the Iron Age, at the Leiderdorp area, hunters and fishers lived on the dry places around the river. Nowadays, the age is different, but iron is still used to build pallet dispensers, which are sold at the area, for example.

Bert Rijsbergen

“Ferroplan contacted us about six years ago: they presented their Pallet Master product and proposed a partnership. Our cooperation with the previous pallet dispenser company had ended because of different views on marketing, so we were interested”, explains Bert Rijsbergen, the owner of Erkon Tilhulpmiddelen.

A deal was agreed upon: Erkon would become a dealer for the Pallet Master products, with the promise that there would not be any pressure to sell certain number of dispensers. This resulted in a fruitful relationship and the results speak for themselves: sales figures have shown steady growth every year.

Why the cooperation with Erkon has worked out so well? “Sales-wise, Erkon is currently one of the best dealers for our Pallet Master product line. I believe that the partnership will continue to be fruitful, since we are working on some significant proposals together right now. The best thing is that I can count on Erkon to sell Pallet Masters at a steady pace during the year”, Janne Kenttämaa, the product manager for Pallet Master explains.

What about the opinion on the product itself?

“Ferroplan makes very reliable pallet dispensers and are worth selling. They are easy to install and to operate”, Rijsbergen observes.

The best thing that makes a difference and stands out?

“Our customers have special requests regarding the pallet dispenser features, and Pallet Master products are customizable. This is very important because in many cases it leaves the competition behind”, Rijsbergen continues.

“We can meet even the most complicated requests for customized pallet dispensers. Our in-house design department ensures that we can fulfil various special requests”, says Kenttämaa.

What does customization mean then? For instance, a dispenser can be designed for a special pallet size, for plastic pallets or even for metal containers. Dispensers can be integrated with conveyors.  Dispensers can also be designed and equipped for cold storage spaces. For food handling, stainless steel is used. Other special options include galvanized steel, and special colors are also available. A dispenser can also be designed for stacking less common pallet quantities, for instance, 7 or 10 pallets.

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